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Florida Tour - Jan. 2007

Int'l Irish Setdancers - Traditional Folk Dancing workshops
-Irish Setdancing w/ Doriane & Yutaka
-Breton - French folk dancing w/ Doriane
-Cd's and Videos
Irish Dancemaster Accordions
Hand-Crafted, Quality Buttonboxes; Italian Reed
Sales &Tuning, plus Conertina Service
2-row Irish B/C & C#/D, Morris D/G; 1-row 'C' Squeezebox w/ Cajun style 'just-tuning' & Irish 'D' Melodeon; 3-row Mexican & Tex-Mex (GCF, EAD, F Bb Eb); plus most custom keys, tuning & reeds
In-school dancing & music workshops
Music Workshops
  - beginner Irish Button Accordion
  - beginner Bodhran
Equipped with fine Italian Reeds
for Irish, Morris, Cajun, Tex-Mex, Norteno, Conjunto
Irish Dancemaster Accordions
Int'l Irish Setdancers

Links to our Friends : not necessarily dancing or music related... but useful info for sharing: Knowledge is power.

Set Dancing News
The most comprehensive guide to setdancing events worldwide! Check it out before you travel, and you'll be dancing everywhere you go!

Irish Flute Store
If you're in the market for a flute, you'll find a great selection of flutes of all kinds.

Institute For Trade & Agriculture Policy
If you like to be well informed, it's for you. They give out loads of great info about our world with great insight. It will enlighten you and benefit your health. It did for me. It may change your voting habit, as well as your eating habit. Children & pregnant women, esp., will benefit from checking out the 'smart fish calculator' which tells you how much poisonous mercury you ingest when you eat certain kinds of common fish - scary, but true, so you might as well know.

EMF Services  and If you use electicity, know this
. Find the sources of 'electro-pollution' in your surroundings. Power lines aren't just up there - they're underground, too, right under our feet! Plus, 'plumbing ground current' (power companies don't want you to know, but if you have metal water pipes, you may have it - I did!) Fortunately, the remedy is simple. 'Hot spots' to watch out for: TV, Radio & Cell towers, cordless & cell phones, Radar, wireless internet, AC adapter, etc. (I moved my bed away from a hot spot in the house.) EMF Services founder Chuck Keen is one of few experts in this field. While I'm dancing around the country, Chuck's fixing EMF problems across the USA, saving people's health & lives, so I'm devoting this space to his work. He can sell you a Gaussmeter & RF meter to check your home & workplace.
Irish Setdancing at Mick's Pub in New Orleans
Breton Dancing: Int'l Folkdancers in Oak Ridge, Tenn.
House workshop in Lincoln, Nebraska
Weekend workshop at Studio Celtia,
London, Ontario
After-School bodhran workshop.
Alcoa Elem School, Tenn.
Setdancing workshop at an Elementary School in Toronto
Cork-Kerry Dancemaster Extraordinaire
"Timmy the Brit" in action